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A picture of a Commicarpus


Commicarpus spp.

Pink Nyctaginaceae (Commicarpus pentandrus) (11587139233) by Bernard DUPONT (CC BY-SA 2.0)


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Pink Nyctaginaceae (Commicarpus pentandrus) (11587139233)

Commicarpus Overview

This genus has been reclassified over time and is now considered to only contain 1 perennial herbaceous or subshrub species with slender, branching, climbing stems that are often woody-based. Oval eaves are arranged oppositely in pairs and these may be fleshy and tend to be different sizes. Flowers are pink-purple and have 5 spreading petals with ruffled edges. The only species in this genus is called Commicarpus fallacissimus, extensive reclassification over time has resulted in many species once included within this genus now better placed within other genera.