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Flowering Spring Trees

A photo of Apple Tree

Apple Tree

Malus domestica

A photo of Ash


Fraxinus excelsior

A photo of Blackthorn


Prunus spinosa

A photo of Common Beech

Common Beech

Fagus sylvatica

A photo of Elderberry


Sambucus nigra

A photo of Crab Apple

Crab Apple

Malus sylvestris

A photo of English Oak

English Oak

Quercus robur

A photo of Goat Willow

Goat Willow

Salix caprea

A photo of Common Hawthorn

Common Hawthorn

Crataegus monogyna

A photo of Hazelnut


Corylus avellana

A photo of Holly


Ilex aquifolium

A photo of Hornbeam


Carpinus betulus

A photo of Horse Chestnut

Horse Chestnut

Aesculus hippocastanum

A photo of Saucer magnolia

Saucer magnolia

Magnolia spp.

A photo of Peach


Prunus persica

A photo of Mountain Ash

Mountain Ash

Sorbus aucuparia

A photo of Snowy Mespilus

Snowy Mespilus

Amelanchier × lamarckii

A photo of Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree

Prunus avium