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Category 3

A photo of African Tuliptree

African Tuliptree

Spathodea campanulata

A photo of Aleppo Pine

Aleppo Pine

Pinus halepensis

A photo of Shell ginger

Shell ginger

Alpinia zerumbet

A photo of American Ash

American Ash

Fraxinus americana

A photo of Barberry


Berberis thunbergii

A photo of Bay Biscayne Creeping-Oxeye

Bay Biscayne Creeping-Oxeye

Sphagneticola trilobata

A photo of Bottlebrush Bush

Bottlebrush Bush

Melaleuca linearis var. linearis

A photo of Brazilian Pepper Tree

Brazilian Pepper Tree

Schinus terebinthifolia

A photo of Butterfly bush

Butterfly bush

Buddleja davidii

A photo of Granite Bottlebrush

Granite Bottlebrush

Melaleuca elliptica

A photo of Chameleon Plant

Chameleon Plant

Houttuynia cordata

A photo of Chinese Privet

Chinese Privet

Ligustrum lucidum

A photo of Common Guava

Common Guava

Psidium guajava

A photo of Common Privet

Common Privet

Ligustrum vulgare

A photo of Crimson Bottlebrush

Crimson Bottlebrush

Melaleuca citrina

A photo of Duranta


Duranta erecta

A photo of Dwarf Umbrella Tree

Dwarf Umbrella Tree

Schefflera arboricola

A photo of False Aralia

False Aralia

Plerandra elegantissima

A photo of Narrow-leaved ash

Narrow-leaved ash

Fraxinus angustifolia

A photo of Hackberry


Celtis occidentalis

A photo of Hall's Japanese Honeysuckle

Hall's Japanese Honeysuckle

Lonicera japonica 'Halliana'

A photo of Canary Island ivy

Canary Island ivy

Hedera canariensis

A photo of Ivy


Hedera helix

A photo of Madagascar Butterfly Bush

Madagascar Butterfly Bush

Buddleja madagascariensis

A photo of Marram Grass

Marram Grass

Ammophila arenaria

A photo of Nettle Tree

Nettle Tree

Celtis australis

A photo of Ombú


Phytolacca dioica

A photo of Canary Islands pine

Canary Islands pine

Pinus canariensis

A photo of Karo


Pittosporum crassifolium

A photo of Privet


Ligustrum ovalifolium

A photo of Prosopis glandulosa

Prosopis glandulosa

Prosopis glandulosa

A photo of Rose Apple

Rose Apple

Syzygium jambos

A photo of Rosemary Grevillea

Rosemary Grevillea

Grevillea rosmarinifolia

A photo of Scottish Flame Flower

Scottish Flame Flower

Tropaeolum speciosum

A photo of Silky Oak

Silky Oak

Grevillea robusta

A photo of Smooth Sumach

Smooth Sumach

Rhus glabra

A photo of Spanish Broom

Spanish Broom

Spartium junceum

A photo of Sword Fern

Sword Fern

Nephrolepis exaltata

A photo of Syringa Berrytree

Syringa Berrytree

Melia azedarach

A photo of Tipuana tipu

Tipuana tipu

Tipuana tipu

A photo of Trident Maple

Trident Maple

Acer buergerianum

A photo of Tuberous Swordfern

Tuberous Swordfern

Nephrolepis cordifolia

A photo of White Mulberry

White Mulberry

Morus alba

A photo of American Agave

American Agave

Agave americana