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A photo of Ballerina Spurflower

Ballerina Spurflower

Plectranthus reflexus

A photo of Scented-Leaved Spurflower

Scented-Leaved Spurflower

Plectranthus grandidentatus

A photo of Big Leave Plectranthus

Big Leave Plectranthus

Plectranthus barbatus

A photo of Pincushion Spurflower

Pincushion Spurflower

Plectranthus ambiguus

A photo of Bonsai Spurflower

Bonsai Spurflower

Plectranthus ernstii

A photo of Chameleon Spurflower

Chameleon Spurflower

Plectranthus mutabilis

A photo of Spur Flower

Spur Flower

Plectranthus spp.

A photo of Cliff Spurflower

Cliff Spurflower

Plectranthus purpuratus ssp. purpuratus

A photo of Dwarf Spurflower

Dwarf Spurflower

Plectranthus strigosus

A photo of Hairy Spurflower

Hairy Spurflower

Plectranthus hadiensis var. hadiensis

A photo of Herero Spur-Flower

Herero Spur-Flower

Plectranthus hereroensis

A photo of Kaoko Spurflower

Kaoko Spurflower

Plectranthus unguentarius

A photo of Mauve Spurflower

Mauve Spurflower

Plectranthus malvinus

A photo of Gossip Spurflower

Gossip Spurflower

Plectranthus verticillatus

A photo of Mother Of Herbs

Mother Of Herbs

Plectranthus amboinicus

A photo of Mzimvubu Spurflower

Mzimvubu Spurflower

Plectranthus mzimvubuensis

A photo of Oribi Spurflower

Oribi Spurflower

Plectranthus oribiensis

A photo of Penther Spurflower

Penther Spurflower

Plectranthus pentheri

A photo of Plectranthus 'Cape Angels'

Plectranthus 'Cape Angels'

Plectranthus hybrid 'Cape Angel'

A photo of Camphor Spurflower

Camphor Spurflower

Plectranthus cylindraceus

A photo of Plectranthus 'Jazz it Up'

Plectranthus 'Jazz it Up'

Plectranthus 'Jazz it Up'

A photo of Citronella Spurflower

Citronella Spurflower

Plectranthus laxiflorus

A photo of Spur Flower

Spur Flower

Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender'

A photo of Spur Flower

Spur Flower

Plectranthus 'Velvet Elvis'

A photo of Swedish Ivy 'Pink Surprise'

Swedish Ivy 'Pink Surprise'

Plectranthus verticillatus 'Pink Surprise'