Aquatics | Indigenous

A photo of Marsh Butterfly Lily

Marsh Butterfly Lily

Wachendorfia thyrsiflora

A photo of Bulrush


Typha capensis

A photo of Cape Pond Weed

Cape Pond Weed

Aponogeton distachyos

A photo of Cape Thatching Reed

Cape Thatching Reed

Elegia tectorum

A photo of Albertinia Thatching Reed

Albertinia Thatching Reed

Thamnochortus insignis

A photo of Floating Hearts

Floating Hearts

Nymphoides thunbergiana

A photo of Wild Balsam

Wild Balsam

Impatiens hochstetteri ssp. hochstetteri

A photo of Grassland Tree Fern

Grassland Tree Fern

Alsophila dregei

A photo of Mat Sedge

Mat Sedge

Cyperus textilis

A photo of Southern River Bell

Southern River Bell

Phygelius capensis

A photo of Miniature Papyrus

Miniature Papyrus

Cyperus prolifer

A photo of Nymphaea nouchali

Nymphaea nouchali

Nymphaea nouchali

A photo of Orange River Lily

Orange River Lily

Crinum bulbispermum

A photo of Papyrus


Cyperus papyrus

A photo of Pink Wild Tibouchina

Pink Wild Tibouchina

Dissotis canescens

A photo of River Crinum

River Crinum

Crinum macowanii

A photo of Scarlet River Lily

Scarlet River Lily

Hesperantha coccinea

A photo of Wild Rhubarb

Wild Rhubarb

Gunnera perpensa

A photo of River Star

River Star

Gomphostigma virgatum

A photo of Soft Rush

Soft Rush

Juncus effusus