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Succulents | Bees

A photo of African Aloe

African Aloe

Aloe maculata

A photo of Aloe rupestris

Aloe rupestris

Aloe rupestris

A photo of Aloe spicata

Aloe spicata

Aloe spicata

A photo of Aptenia


Mesembryanthemum cordifolium

A photo of Bitter Aloe

Bitter Aloe

Aloe ferox

A photo of Blue Fingers

Blue Fingers

Curio crassulifolius

A photo of Book Aloe

Book Aloe

Aloe suprafoliata

A photo of Bushveld Kalanchoe

Bushveld Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe sexangularis

A photo of Cooper's Aloe

Cooper's Aloe

Aloe cooperi

Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblonga

Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblonga

A photo of Darling Lampranthus

Darling Lampranthus

Lampranthus amoenus

A photo of Fence Aloe

Fence Aloe

Aloe tenuior

A photo of Flapjack Plant

Flapjack Plant

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

A photo of Glottiphyllum


Glottiphyllum spp.

A photo of Khomo-Ea-Balisa


Bulbine narcissifolia

A photo of Krantz Aloe

Krantz Aloe

Aloe arborescens

A photo of Moetsa-Mollo


Bulbine abyssinica

A photo of Mountain Aloe

Mountain Aloe

Aloe marlothii

A photo of Pig's Ears

Pig's Ears

Cotyledon orbiculata

A photo of Purple Vygie

Purple Vygie

Lampranthus haworthii

A photo of Purple Vygie

Purple Vygie

Lampranthus hoerleinianus

A photo of Rose Vygie

Rose Vygie

Lampranthus roseus

A photo of Smelly Spur Flower

Smelly Spur Flower

Coleus neochilus

A photo of Spatula-Leaf Crassula

Spatula-Leaf Crassula

Crassula spathulata

A photo of Spike Spurflower

Spike Spurflower

Plectranthus spicatus

A photo of Stalked Bulbine

Stalked Bulbine

Bulbine frutescens

A photo of Tongue-Leaved Mesemb

Tongue-Leaved Mesemb

Glottiphyllum regium

A photo of Van Balen's Aloe

Van Balen's Aloe

Aloe vanbalenii

A photo of Variegated Candelabra Aloe

Variegated Candelabra Aloe

Aloe arborescens 'Variegata'