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Legumes | Fynbos

A photo of Honeybush Tea

Honeybush Tea

Cyclopia genistoides

A photo of Meyer Honeybush Tea

Meyer Honeybush Tea

Cyclopia meyeriana

A photo of River Indigo

River Indigo

Indigofera jucunda

A photo of Indigofera Heterophylla Thunb. Var. Montana Eckl.& Zeyh

Indigofera Heterophylla Thunb. Var. Montana Eckl.& Zeyh

Indigofera nigromontana

A photo of Indigo Bush

Indigo Bush

Indigofera heterantha

A photo of Langeberg Indigo

Langeberg Indigo

Indigofera langebergensis

A photo of Fan-Leaf Indigofera

Fan-Leaf Indigofera

Indigofera flabellata

A photo of Red Indigo

Red Indigo

Indigofera lyalli

A photo of Forest Indigo

Forest Indigo

Indigofera natalensis

A photo of Bergdahlia


Liparia splendens ssp. splendens

A photo of Common Hard-Leaved Pea

Common Hard-Leaved Pea

Liparia hirsuta

A photo of Liparia angustifolia

Liparia angustifolia

Liparia angustifolia

A photo of Small Mountain Dahlia

Small Mountain Dahlia

Liparia parva

A photo of Sweetpea Bush

Sweetpea Bush

Podalyria calyptrata

A photo of Box-Leaf Bush-Sweetpea

Box-Leaf Bush-Sweetpea

Podalyria buxifolia

A photo of Silver Sweet Pea Bush

Silver Sweet Pea Bush

Podalyria sericea

A photo of Fountain Bush

Fountain Bush

Psoralea pinnata

A photo of Cancer Bush

Cancer Bush

Sutherlandia frutescens

A photo of Pink Keurboom

Pink Keurboom

Virgilia divaricata

A photo of Karoo Boer-Bean

Karoo Boer-Bean

Schotia afra var. afra

A photo of Ganna (Afr.)

Ganna (Afr.)

Lebeckia spp.

A photo of Coast Coral Tree

Coast Coral Tree

Erythrina caffra