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A photo of African Dog Rose

African Dog Rose

Xylotheca kraussiana

A photo of African Dogwood

African Dogwood

Rhamnus prinoides

A photo of Black Bird-Berry

Black Bird-Berry

Psychotria capensis

A photo of Blue Freylinia

Blue Freylinia

Freylinia tropica

A photo of Bluebush


Diospyros lycioides

A photo of September Bush

September Bush

Polygala myrtifolia

A photo of Crossberry


Grewia occidentalis

A photo of False Olive

False Olive

Buddleja saligna

A photo of Karoo Rhigozum

Karoo Rhigozum

Rhigozum obovatum

A photo of Honey Bell-Bush

Honey Bell-Bush

Freylinia lanceolata

A photo of Hopseed Bush

Hopseed Bush

Dodonaea viscosa

A photo of Lemon Thorn

Lemon Thorn

Cassinopsis ilicifolia

A photo of Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns

Nymania capensis

A photo of Kei-Apple


Dovyalis caffra

A photo of Wild Medlar

Wild Medlar

Vangueria infausta

A photo of Puzzle Bush

Puzzle Bush

Ehretia rigida

A photo of Tonga Gardenia

Tonga Gardenia

Gardenia cornuta

A photo of Pencil Plant

Pencil Plant

Euphorbia tirucalli

A photo of Pink Wild Pear

Pink Wild Pear

Dombeya burgessiae

A photo of Pistol Bush

Pistol Bush

Duvernoia adhatodoides

A photo of Pondo Waterwood

Pondo Waterwood

Syzygium pondoense

A photo of Rocket Pincushion

Rocket Pincushion

Leucospermum reflexum

A photo of Sagewood


Buddleja salviifolia

A photo of Southern chinese hats

Southern chinese hats

Karomia speciosa

A photo of Snuff-box Tree

Snuff-box Tree

Oncoba spinosa

A photo of Spekboom


Portulacaria afra

A photo of Sikoba


Rothmannia globosa

A photo of Umdlozana


Turraea floribunda

A photo of Weeping Sage

Weeping Sage

Buddleja auriculata

A photo of Wild Gardenia

Wild Gardenia

Gardenia thunbergia

A photo of Tinderwood


Volkameria glabra