Year of the Ox

For fun - celebrate the Chinese New Year with all plants named Ox!

A photo of Ox-Eye Daisy

Ox-Eye Daisy

Leucanthemum vulgare

A photo of Ox-Tongue


Gasteria spp.

A photo of Ox-eye


Heliopsis spp.

A photo of Ox-tongue


Picris spp.

A photo of Creeping Ox-eye

Creeping Ox-eye

Sphagneticola spp.

A photo of Hawkweed ox-tongue

Hawkweed ox-tongue

Picris hieracioides

A photo of Great Karoo Ox-Tongue

Great Karoo Ox-Tongue

Gasteria disticha

A photo of Autumn Ox-Eye

Autumn Ox-Eye

Leucanthemella serotina

A photo of Keeled Ox-Tongue

Keeled Ox-Tongue

Gasteria carinata

A photo of Yellow ox-eye

Yellow ox-eye

Buphthalmum salicifolium

A photo of Tugela Ox-Tongue

Tugela Ox-Tongue

Gasteria tukhelensis

A photo of Dwarf Ox-Tongue

Dwarf Ox-Tongue

Gasteria bicolor var. liliputana

A photo of Ox-Eye Daisy

Ox-Eye Daisy

Dimorphotheca tragus