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Support Candide's #PolliNationSA movement

Add a Candide Solitary Bee Hotel to your garden and create a safe habitat for solitary bees that are valuable pollinators for your garden.

Bee hotel in grass

What is Candide?

Candide is a global community of plant enthusiasts, beginners and experts alike, who love to share knowledge, inspiration and advice.
Identify plants within seconds or explore our comprehensive knowledge base featuring thousands of plants, pests and diseases, as well as step-by-step how-to guides. Browse curated articles in the Discover section of our website and app and find gardens, nurseries and plant shops near you.


Join a growing community of gardeners who share knowledge, inspiration and questions.

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Find gardens and nurseries near you and discover hidden secrets with our selection of audio tours.

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Knowledge and Plant ID

Discover our comprehensive knowledge base featuring plants, pests and problems, as well as “how to” guides.

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Who is Candide for?

In a word, everyone. The horticulturist, head gardeners, budding young green fingers, amateur gardeners, allotment fans, the urbanista, pot to plate enthusiasts, house plant aficionados, we could go on!

Built by gardeners for gardeners, Candide is transforming the way we interact with our gardens because gardening is the root of all happiness.


I love Candide because on it I can share my gardening joys and woes, get answers, give answers, be inspired and learn. It’s so rewarding to share with others who have the same passion!


The app gives me the pleasure of seeing other peoples gardens, ideas and interesting plants from more than just South Africa. Best of all I am able to share my knowledge I have built-up while working in the fruit export industry and in my own home garden.


I love the Candide APP because it's filled with beginners, ameteur & professional gardeners that create a wonderful community together. In my spare time I enjoy discovering the different plant species, note Candide itself will always leave you inspired for the next day.

What is Candide?

Candide has everything for plant lovers – buy plants from independent sellers and book tickets to visit inspiring gardens near you. Identify plants in seconds from a single photo and learn how to care for them with our in-depth guides.


Learn how to care for your plants and share your growing successes on Candide’s free app for your phone or tablet.

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