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Updating your marketplace listing for COVID-19

Published on March 24th 2020
A hand holding a phone with the Candide App
It’s important to keep your Marketplace listings up-to-date and let your buyers know how you can get items to them safely during COVID-19. Here are our top tips to help you stand out!

1. Clearly state how the item will get to the buyer

In the description of your listing, make it clear how you will get your item to the buyer. You can add any details in the description, decide your own postage costs, and let them know how you will send it - you’re in control of your listings.

2. Share links to your individual listings in your Candide bio

This will help others see what you’re listing from elsewhere in the app and encourage more views on your items. You can find the shareable link by going to your listing and tapping on the share icon in the top right corner of the screen (see below for guidance). Once you've got your link, put it into your bio with a short description to let others know what you've got available!
A screenshot of a cell phone showing how to share your link in bio on Candide
Please note: you may need to shorten the links to fit them in your bio, which can be easily done using a URL shortener such as

3. Share your listings on your social media channels

Once you've shared your link in your bio, you can also share this across your other social media, so your followers can see your Candide listings too!

4. Connect with others on the Candide feed

Use the Candide feed to connect and socialise with other users in the app. You can do this by posting in the feed, “digging” someone’s post, or commenting on posts you like. Building up your profile on Candide and talking to others in the community will help them find out about you, and you can hear more about what they're looking to buy.
You can also share with users what you’re selling on Marketplace and use hashtags to help them find what they're looking for. It's time to get sociable!

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