Highlights of the Cardiff Flower Festival 2019

Published on April 29th 2019
Written by Marta Funk
This years first major flower show has taken place in Cardiff and the Candide news team was there to scope out the best show gardens.
We spoke to some of the award winning garden designers about the inspiration behind their work.

Perennial Garden

Perennial is the UK's only charity dedicated to helping those who work in horticulture. They offer advice and support in a range of social and financial topics, as well as training grants and bursaries.
For the Cardiff Flower Show they partnered with Veteran Growth to create a garden for those who may be struggling with their mental or physical health. They hope that the garden will encourage people to sit back and relax in nature.
It was also designed to motivate families to spend more time together around the barbecue, as a way of making mental health a priority in their lives.
The garden will be relocated after the show to be enjoyed by veterans training in horticulture.

Nature's Takeover

Although this was Diego Carrillos first Flower Show, it will definitely not be his last one. He won the titles 'Best Regeneration Garden' and 'Best Construction', as well as a Silver-Guilt Medal.
The young landscape designer moved to London from Argentina. He focused on creating a garden highlighting how nature can thrive in urban environments. Using old mattress springs and metal roofing sheets he shows how people can find cheap solutions for their urban garden.

Bee Garden

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and Cardiff & Vale Health Charity have created a garden for the Blossoming Bed Competition.
They hope to ignite conversation not just about recovering from illness, but maintaining health and well-being as well.
Their garden is titled ‘We Grow Better Tomorrows When We Plant Good Seeds Today’. The planting is pollinator and insect friendly, apple trees and an old gate invite the visitor to enter the Orchard.

RHS Malvern Spring Festival

The next RHS show will take place between the 9th and 12th of May in Malvern. The Candide Herald will be reporting from the event, bringing you the latest news from the show.

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