The Bromeliad Hunter - Collecting Air Plants All Over The World

Published on January 17th 2020
I went to meet Pascal Stutzer who has an incredible collection of bromeliad plants in his greenhouse in Margate, a sleepy seaside town which is attracting more and more artists.
Bromeliads - or air plants - are unusual in every way. Pascal, a former Kew volunteer, told me that it can take years for a bromeliad to have an inflorescence, which will then only flower for a day or two in some circumstances.
He is among the younger members of the German Bromeliad society, and he seeks out collectors to find the rarest plants. He says many members collected the plants before stronger regulation prevented their removal and transport to Europe.
By taking care of the plants in and recreating ideal conditions in his greenhouse, and by taking pictures for his Instagram page, Pascal hopes to keep the work of the older generation of bromeliad collectors alive.

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