Plants for Dry Shade

Published on September 7th 2018
One of the Candide Community recently asked, "What can I grow in front of my conifer hedge?".
Plants need sunlight and moisture so dry, and shady areas can be more difficult to plant and grow the plants successfully. However, there are quite a few that will thrive in these challenging conditions. Some plants even enjoy gloomy, parched ground that occurs underneath hedges, shrubs, trees and along walls and buildings. This type of area is sometimes called the rain shadow, where light and rainwater find it difficult to penetrate.
Top flowering, shade-loving beauties;
The type of plants that succeed in dry shade depends on the light levels more than the moisture content. And as all gardeners will tell you it is easier to improve moisture levels than it is to increase light levels.
If you incorporate organic matter twice a year your plants will thrive in dry, shady places.
Here are some top dry, shade-loving plants grown for their fantastic foliage. Some still have great flowers too.

Let us know if you are growing any of these plants in your garden and share photos if you have any questions or successes!

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