Giant Houseplant Takeover Opens at RHS Wisley

Published on January 31st 2020
A plant in a garden
Hundreds of houseplants have taken over the RHS Wisley Garden glasshouse as their newest exhibition.
The Giant Houseplant Takeover, which runs from the 25th January to the 1st March 2020, wants to inspire people to grow more houseplants in their home and think of quirky ways to position them in their homes.
In the six rooms of the exhibitions, visitors will see houseplants both familiar and exotic.
Spider plants dotted around the staircases which lead the way to a bromeliad filled bed - who wouldn't like to move into a house like this?
Watch this video to see the exhibition before it opened to the public!
Garden Manager, Emma Allen, explains: 'We really didn’t have a choice – the houseplants chose us. We tried to resist, but in the end, they won, and we will have to make the best of it. We will keep them well fed and watered and can only hope they will leave our visitors in peace.
'We want to encourage people to be bolder with their houseplants and let their imaginations run riot. Houseplants don’t need to sit in a neat pot. You can grow them in cups, teapots, bottles and even from the middle of chairs – they will always add beauty and joy to your home. As long as you give them right surroundings and nutrients, they will flourish.'
Entry to the Giant Houseplant Takeover is included in the ticket to visit the garden.
This exhibition will definitely inspire you to expand your houseplant collection at home!

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