A stinky plant which deters weeds

Published on September 20th 2018
Recently a member of the Candide community asked about how to keep weeds at bay in her flower bed, especially vine weed. This plant could be one answer...
Tagetes minuta , a plant that isn't the most attractive and definitely not one someone would choose as a show stopper. It is an annual herb that has long erect stems and small clusters of dull yellow flowers, which have a sharp and unpleasant smell.
So why would you want to have this in your garden?
Tagetes minuta is a very unique plant, that release certain chemicals from its roots that can repel weeds such as couch grass, bindweed and ground elder!
This chemical is called alpha-terthienyl which is highly toxic. Once released into the soil it will attack any pathogenic nemotodes, insects and plant pathogens in your soil, preventing any weeds being able to grow and even controlling pests.
However you must be patient! It will take time for the alpha-tertienyl to accumulate in the soil, usually in the second growing season you will start to notice the effects. But once this starts to work, your soil will be protected for years to come!
Other plants with allelopathis chemicals

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