Bright Autumn and Early Spring Bedding Plants

Published on September 18th 2018
I don't want to say the dreaded word Winter, I know that it can be a drab time in the garden, so here are a few bedding plants that will brighten any border, basket or container.
Bellis with its daisy-like button flowers and plump leaves will flower from early Autumn to early spring - Excellent value for money.
Sweetly scented Dianthus add a beautiful splash of colour and scent. With the bonus that they can be used as cut flowers too.
Sweet Williams, another form of Dianthus Dianthus barbatus, come in a range of beautiful colours have a long flowering period and an excellent cut flower.
Polyanthus and primroses (Primula) sometimes underrated, but so bright and cheerful they even provide a great source of early nectar for bees.
Cyclamen these flower through January and February and look particularly beautiful when grown under trees, brightening dark shaded areas.
Maybe even add a few ornamental cabbages into the mix. They also look great in frosts.
Hope this has inspired you to invest in a few of these beauties to add a splash of colour and a ray of hope for a sunny spring.
Happy Gardening!

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