Create Your Own Indoor Cactus Garden

Published on November 2nd 2018
Interior designers and houseplant lovers alike love cacti and succulents as they are such eye-catching and easy to care for plants. A display of small cacti and succulents are perfect for indoors and small spaces, and thanks to their versatility can be displayed in many ways.

Cactus or succulent?

Technically all cacti are succulents, as succulents are fleshy plants that store water – cacti are defined by their bumps where spines, hair, leaves, flowers, and more grows. This means that both small cacti and other succulents are great for planting together in one container.
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Soil type

Cacti gardens need a specific type of soil that drains and dries quickly. Arid cactus soil is essential for succulents to grow as normal garden soil is usually too moist and will become waterlogged, causing the roots to rot. Cactus potting soil can be purchased from garden centres and nurseries, and to find your closest centre just tap Places.
You can also make cactus soil by lining the bottom of your container with gravel or shale to improve drainage, topping it with a sandy potting soil. If you have a deeper container, try a layer of sand at the bottom and progressively add a layer of large stones followed by smaller stones. Lastly, add activated charcoal and top up with sand or gravel. You can keep your soil neutral or add coloured sand or stones to keep with your colour scheme.

Containers and planters

Cacti look best in shallow containers, such as fruit bowls and even mugs! You can buy pots and containers designed specifically for cacti or you could go for the DIY option where you can get creative
If you have space, you could display your cactus garden in a clear fish bowl to show off the contrasting layers of soil and your plants. Other innovative ideas include recycling cracked or broken pots by layering small terracotta pots inside a much larger pot to display every single plant.

Cactus type

It’s a myth that all cacti need hours of intense sunlight. Certain cacti and succulents thrive indoors with just a few hours of sunlight – the best cactus for growing in an indoor cactus garden are:

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