Candide Community Questions Answered: Cat-Safe Plants

Published on June 29th 2018
We had a really interesting question from a Candide Community member @Fairy_Farm_Cottage asking for some advice regarding 'cat-safe plants'.
This question made me think about my cats lounging around the garden in the sunshine and then I remembered how naughty and inquisitive they are too.
As most cats are careful creatures they tend not to get into too much trouble but there are still risks from accidental poisoning such as getting pollen on their fur and ingesting while cleaning themselves.
Here's a list of key plants to avoid or embrace if you're a cat lover, as well as a few cat deterrents for the cat haters!
Bulbs To Avoid
Lilies: veterinary advice is that lilies are toxic and can be fatal to cats so should be avoided as cut flowers and flowering plants in the garden.
Houseplants To Avoid
Rhododendrons and Azaleas
Garden Plants to Avoid
Convallaria majalis (Lily of the Valley)
Aconitum see our Discover article Protecting yourself while gardening
Digitalis (Foxgloves)
For a full and very comprehensive list try the International Cat care website
Cat-Friendly Plants
One in three cats love the chemical nepetalactone. It provides a non-toxic euphoric effect for some cats. All of mine they go mad for it.
Nepeta (catmint)
Valeriana officinalis (Common Valerian)
Plants that help cats health and well-being
Dactylis glomerata (cat grass)
Nepeta (catmint)
Plants that deter cats
If you have an area that you want to try and keep cats away from then you can try a plant called Coleus canina (Plectranthus canina) or sometimes known as Scaredy Cat Plant.
We hope that helps answer your question!

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