Enjoy the Outdoors at Night

Published on December 21st 2018
Shorter days means that if you're not lucky enough to be working in the garden every day, there are fewer opportunities to experience the restorative outdoors. In our busy 9-5 lives we're running from one indoors to the next.
Is there a natural space or park near you? Maybe just stand out in the garden for 10 minutes. Challenge yourself this week, take a walk at night, and see what you can sense around you. Take a torch, but switch it off and let your senses take over.
Soften your gaze, not focusing on one point but opening your gaze to let in as much light as possible.
Have a go at this little exercise: see five things, hear four things, touch three things and smell two things.
This list may help you take in what's around you:


  • Moon and Stars
  • Shadows from natural light
  • Silhouette of bare branches
  • Slugs, Snails and other Bugs are often busy at night!


  • Damp earth
  • Pine needles
  • Leaf mould


  • Rustles and snuffles
  • Snapping twigs
  • Wind in the leaves
  • Falling twigs and nuts
  • The screeches of birds and possibly the bark of a fox or deer
  • A stream's burble


  • Cool air
  • The squish of mud
  • The brush of grasses and brambles
  • The lumps and bumps of the path under your feet

Do you walk at night? Share your experiences with the Candide community.

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