Growing Houseplants at Home

Published on May 16th 2018
Your house doesn't just need to be full of plain old green plants. There are loads of easy, colourful, vibrant and patterned plants you can dot around the place to add splashes of colour throughout your home.
While indoor plants are on the rise, we change from fake ferns, rubber trees and plain green to exciting bright colours!


A popular choice as they thrive all year round with very little care needed and can brighten up dark rooms with their beautiful coloured leaves and stems.
Philodendron erubescens, Philodendron ‘Imperial Red’ and Philodendron ornatum all add their own small dashes of reds, pinks and white.

Sansevierias aka Mother In Laws Tongue

Another popular choice due to being extremely easy to care for, as well as looking unique with their long straight leaves and shiny look.


One of the easiest to grow and add character to your home. They have always been somewhat popular but there has been a large rise in the purchases of them. When you visit a coffee shop, friends home, restaurant etc you will probably notice at least one or two little succulents sat in their pot on the side.
Read more about succulents here:

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