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Make your own Planters for Small Spaces

Published on October 29th 2018
Container gardens are made up exclusively of plants in pots, as spaces get smaller, container gardens are becoming popular. Whether you have a patio, balcony, or just a windowsill, container gardens offer a smart solution regardless of your space or budget.
You can buy traditional planters and innovative containers that maximise space such as balcony troughs and hanging wall planters.
However, have a look at some ways in which you can create an indoor or outdoor display using recycled or re-purposed containers that you can find around the home!


Mason jars or old jam jars make fantastic containers for small plants such as cacti and other succulents. A collection of jars of the same type and different sizes can be displayed in a cluster, or you can line up a row of jars that are the same size and shape for a clean and minimalist display that looks as good on a sideboard as it does on a window sill.
As there are no drainage holes, make sure you have a good layer of larger stones at the bottom so your plants aren't sitting in water.


Old tins from baked beans and soups can be washed out and reused for your plants. You can paint or spray paint them any colour you like to complement your home.
These work best indoors because they rust, or you could leave them outside for a month or two to get that effect! Just make sure you place them on a tray so that rust doesn’t stain your furniture or windowsill.


Suitable for much larger spaces, old plastic or metal buckets are the perfect substitute for large planters – even if they are a little cracked. Buckets are great for growing fruit and vegetables due to their size, though you can always plant a range of buckets together which look great on a balcony or on a garden patio.

Bonus: Hanging Planters

A fantastic way to display your small plants, and a great way to save space, is to create hanging planters using fabric from an old T-shirt (see our Knowledge article on How to Make a Hanging Planter from an Old T-shirt)

Have you found any ingenious ways of recycling household materials into planters? Share your creations with the community