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13 Simple Pallet Upcycling Ideas You Can Try At Home

Published on November 3rd 2020
A shelving unit made from pallet wood
Pallet wood is durable, versatile and readily available (often for free if you know where to look). With a little imagination and the right tools, you can transform pallet wood into a range of fabulous functional items for the home or garden. From space-saving verticle planters to gorgeous garden pathways to stylish shelving units, here's our pick of the best pallet wood upcycling projects from the Candide community.

1. Pallet sofa with cushions by @everydaygirl

pallet bench with dog sitting on it


United Kingdom

Instead of shelling out on pricey garden furniture, @everydaygirl has created this cosy pallet loveseat. It's amazing what a lick of paint and a few well-placed cushions can do - even Mylo the dog is impressed. When building pallet furniture, remember to do your measurements first. Consider at what time of day you're most likely to be using it and where the sun will be at that point.

2. Pallet wood coffee table by @chrissy74

A bench made out of pallet wood
If you're starting in the pallet furniture game, why not start with something simple like this coffee table by@chrissy74? The basic pallet structure hasn't been altered drastically but you could also sand, wax, varnish or paint the wood if you're feeling flash. The addition of solar lights is a nice touch for an outside table.

3. The verticle pallet herb planter by @knowlessa

herb planter made from pallet wood
If you're short on floor space, why not grow upwards instead? The vertical herb planter is a popular choice among Candide users. Some plant directly into the pallet's natural troughs, while others prefer to attach pots like @knowlessa has done. This simple pallet herb planter makes for a sensory addition to a compact kitchen garden. The addition of labels ensures you don't pick the wrong herb and doubles up as a learning tool for children.
Read our tips for creating a verticle pallet vegetable garden here

4. Pallet fence by @enthusiastic_begonia

A pallet wood fence
Wood pallet walls are all the rage, and it's easy to see why when you can create something as lovely as this fence by @enthusiastic_begonia. Not only is it useful for screening purposes, but it also doubles up as a planter, making it a great way to do away with dull, bare fence panels.

5. Floating pallet shelves by @natnoodle2000

A display in a room
If you (or your landlord) don't fancy a whole wood wall in your living room, why not consider a shelving unit instead? Pallet upcycling pro @natnoodle2000 has built this beautiful wood pallet shelving unit that wouldn't look out of place in an IKEA catalogue.

6. Pallet wood shed by @colintheconstantgardener

A shed made out of reclaimed pallet wood
Flatpack sheds might save you time, but they lack the charm of this rustic handbuilt pallet shed by @colintheconstantgardener and his son. Not only does the DIY version earn you extra kudos, but it's a good way to put a dent in that mounting pallet pile.

7. Rockery garden by @esined

A rockery garden using pallet wood
As temperatures soar and the risk of droughts increase, rockery gardens will increasingly become a feature in our gardens.This stylish addition to @esined's front garden uses different sized stones to add structure, while the use of ferns and sunken pottery softens the overall look. This is a great low maintenance alternative to drab concrete paving.

8. Pallet wood pathway by @fantastic_frenchie

A garden pathway made with pallet wood
Novel use of loose pallet boards is to use them as your garden pathway. Who knew walking the plank could be such a pleasant experience?

9. Pallet bar by @crystalgreen

A pallet wood bar
Who needs the pub when you've got your own backgarden bar? Rather than use her pallets for plant purposes, @crystalgreen has created this smart al fresco bar, so unwinding isn't off limits even if the pubs are.

10. Pallet Christmas train by @natnoodle2000

natnoodle2000 christmas train
Instead of buying this year's Christmas decorations, why not create your own out of reclaimed wood? @natnoodle2000 went all out with this children's Christmas train. Now to build the presents...

11. Pallet greenhouse by @flyinglizard

A pallet wood greenhouse
Dreaming of a greenhouse but don't have the space or the budget? Take a leaf out of @flyinglizard's book and construct a small greenhouse or cold frame using pallet wood and plastic sheeting. It's a cost effective way to keep your plants happy in the cooler months.
Read our tips for creating a diy greenhouse here.

12. Wall hanging for planters by @samlyon95

Hanging planters next to a window
Most pallet wood projects will result in some leftover bits of wood. You could save them for firewood (if untreated) or you could use them to build bug hotels or accessories for your home. For example, @samlyon95 has turned these spare panels into attractive wall hangings for trailing plants.

13. Pallet-clad planter by @james_wilson

A pallet wood planter
It turns out pallet wood isn't just great for making planters, it's also great at concealing ugly ones. @james_wilson transformed a drab concrete planter into a cheerful rustic one by using his pallet wood as cladding.

Feeling inspired? All you need now are the plants! Find indoor and outdoor plants to buy on Candide.

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