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Gardeners Question Time - Peonies

Published on September 14th 2018
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I recently gave a talk at my local gardening club and was asked so many fascinating questions. I thought I'd share some of the best questions here with you. This section looks at keeping your peony's perfect.

Why isn't my Peony flowering?

Peonies need sun to produce blooms. It could be that the plant simply didn’t get enough sun in early spring to generate the buds.
Otherwise, there are two simple rules for Peony care...

Rule one...

Don't plant your peonies too deeply. Planted too deeply, peonies will still give wonderful foliage but they're never going to flower. Sometimes peonies can get buried during a border-mulching session, so that could be the cause.
  • Leave them alone until autumn and then replant your peonies a little less deeply. Just be careful not to damage the root buds.
You could also take root cuttings at this point too. For perennial and woody plants, taking root cuttings is one of the most reliable and economical ways to produce many plants.
  • Cuttings are taken from a stock plant between December and January (weather permitting).
  • Collect pencil thickness roots that are fresh and plump.
  • Fill pots with gritty compost and lay the root cuttings, well spaced apart, on the surface.
  • Cover cuttings with a thin layer of compost or grit and water well.
  • Always label the pots and then leave in a cool place indoors or in a cold frame.

Rule two...

Peonies need fertile, free-draining soil.
  • Apart from those requirements, peonies will be happy in most soils. The soil can be chalky or clay, and your peonies won't mind so long as it's free draining.
  • Feed your peony with Phosphorus and nitrogen.
So there are two easy rules to remember for your Peonies. If you want to see other questions answered you can find them in here in this Discover article

Happy Gardening!

A close up of a white Paeonia rockii flower

Rock's Tree Peony

Paeonia rockii

A pink Paeonia lactiflora flower on a plant in a garden

Edible-Rooted Peony

Paeonia lactiflora

Plant Care


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