Pond Care for Winter - Part Two

Published on October 7th 2018
In the first part of the series, we looked at cleaning your pond and oxygenating water; Pond Prep for Winter Part One.
Now let's look at making sure pond plants and life are tucked up and ready for the colder weather.

Plant Care and Maintenance

Oxygenators are plants that grow under the water. Most their foliage will be under the pond surface, such as Arrowhead - Sagittaria subulata and Waterweed - Elodea canadensis.
  • Cut back around the end of September or start of October (or once the plants start turning brown), helping prevent rotting leaves and stems from polluting the water.
  • For difficult to reach areas, just try to remove the dead flowers or leaves.
Floating plants should be left to let their overwintering buds grow, which will then sink to the bottom of the pond.
Tip: Take a few of these buds and put them in jars of water indoors where they will germinate early in the spring and can be put back into the pond.

Protecting Your Pond From Leaves

If you have trees growing nearby it is more than likely that the leaves will end up in your pond as they start to drop.
  • The best and easiest thing that you can do to save you both time and prevent any pollination in your pond is to simply put a fine mesh net over your pond.
  • Be sure to secure the netting around the edges as cats (and other small critters) and stray leaves can get underneath.
  • Once all the leaves have fallen you can remove the netting or it can be left on until the spring starts.


If you have a pond filter they should be cleaned every 6-8 weeks. However, if you haven't already, winter clean up is a good time to catch up.
we all know that we can slack on this just a bit, but while you're having your winter clean up it is also a great time to clear out your filters and make sure they're running correctly!

Feeding The Fish

In the autumn, fishes metabolisms will start to slow down as the temperatures start to drop. This means you need to start feeding them less and weaning them off of their high protein diet they require through the summer.

Tucking in the toads

Last week we looked at how to maintain your pond in keeping with amphibians looking for over winter shelter, read how here.

Share your advice on how to care for your pond and let us know of any tricks to make things easier this autumn!

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