Propagating clivia from seed

Published on January 23rd 2021
It's really easy to grow clivias from seed. All you need is patience.
In this article, we're going to show you just how easy it is to propagate clivias from seed and how to take care of them once sown. Let the growing journey begin!

Harvesting clivia seeds

Harvest seed from the mother plant once it has matured. It takes about nine months for clivia seed to ripen on the plant and once the seed has changed colour from green to red, peach or yellow it is an indication that the seed is ripe for harvest. The seeds might also feel a little bit soft and squishy to the touch.

Preparing clivia seeds for sowing

Remove the fleshy outer skin, inner pulp and loose-fitting membranes to reveal the pearly white seeds.
Clean the seeds properly and wash them with an anti-fungal solution to help sterilise from fungi. You can use lemon juice, chamomile tea, or a weak solution of dishwashing liquid will also do the trick.
Clivia seeds

Seed germination mix

Use a bark and compost mix or any other 'airy' substrate as a growth medium. Place seeds with the small dark spot on the seed (eye) facing to the side. Press seeds gently into the soil just level with the surface with the top part of the seed still visible. Do not cover the seeds with soil.

Caring for your clivia seeds

Water well and label the containers with a name and date sown. Germination is estimated to take place in 4-6 weeks.
As mentioned at the beginning, a lot of patience is required when growing clivias from seed. Seedlings take time to mature and can stay in the initial pot or tray for up to two years. Seedings can then be transplanted in the third year into permanent pots or out in the garden in a shady, wind-protected position.
Very important: clivias do not like full sun and must be planted in full shade or dappled shade.
Read more about clivias in the article below.
Happy planting and remember that it can take several years before you have your first flower. However, it is well worth the wait as no other plant has the ability to remove winter blues quite like clivias with their magnificent show in September.

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