Advice on Pelargoniums: Candide Community Questions Answered

Published on July 2nd 2018
“How do I get my geraniums to have more than one flower stem at a time? They were grown from cuttings taken last year. Thanks” MandyBowen
Well done Mandy with your successful cuttings. I am always so proud when my cuttings succeed and little plants grow.
As they are still quite young they may not always put on a full display. The new plant will be furiously trying to grow new roots and leaves as a priority for survival through the seasons. You can do one of two things; feed weekly with a high potash feed (see below) or wait a little while longer for your plant to mature. If you 'over-winter' them indoors they will produce even more flowers next year but unfortunately, patience is the key.
General advice for Geraniums (Pelargoniums)
When geraniums are happy they will flower away without too much attention from us.
What they need is a warm light place, good compost, kept moist but not overwatered.
Feeding during the flowering season will help use a fertiliser with a high potash (A tomato feed is good) once a week. Always deadhead, not just the pompom flower part but the stem as well, cutting as close as you can to the next set of leaves.
I hope this helps you and other Candide Community members, let us see your beautiful blooms!

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