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Published on March 31st 2020
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Candide is an app which aims to enhance gardening and plant care. They’re a social network, an encyclopaedia, a marketplace and a virtual garden tour guide all in one place.
What sets them apart is their application of technology to connect questions with answers quickly, and enable the complete range of plant interests and levels of skill to cohabit a single app. No matter what you wish to do in the garden today: discover, enjoy, plant, visit or plan - Candide can help.
Candide, the organisation, has been based in central Bristol, since inception in 2017. They planted their seed when Andrew Philbrick, on sabbatical after successfully selling Africa’s largest financial data company, met co-founder Shani Krige who at the time was building a small plant community. Together they couldn’t understand why mobile apps so poorly serve plants and gardening.
Three years later, they are a team of 55 engineers, content writers and growth marketers germinating the first genuinely global gardening ecosystem.

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