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Published on March 31st 2020
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Candide makes learning about plants easy and fun. No matter what you wish to do in the garden; learn, discover, buy, plant, or visit, Candide can help.
  • Browse the Marketplace for new plants to buy.
  • Peruse new gardens to visit and buy your ticket.
  • Find for useful information in our step-by-step guides, articles, plant database and videos in Plant Knowledge.
  • Join the app to connect with other like-minded gardeners, get access to exclusive content and find answers from the community of 500,000 members.

Notes to journalists

The company have been based in Bristol (UK) since inception in 2017 after CEO Andrew Philbrick, on sabbatical after successfully selling Africa’s largest financial data company, met a friend, who at the time was building a small plant community and together they couldn't understand why trustworthy plant care information was so difficult to access. With this in mind, Candide was started with the desire to make plant information accessible and digestible to the public.
Three years later, they are a team of 60+ engineers, botanists, entomologists, content writers and growth marketers germinating the first genuinely global gardening ecosystem.

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