Aphelandra spp.

profile iconAphelandraSquarrosa
by Fanghong (CC BY 2.5)
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profile iconAphelandraSquarrosa
by Fanghong (CC BY 2.5)
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Genus of less than 200 evergreen shrubs and perennials with attractive, often white veined, foliage and showy flowers. Flowers are produced in dense spikes and are surrounded by brightly coloured modified leaves, called bracts. They are native to the Americas in tropical climates and can grow up to 2m high. They make popular houseplants for their flowers and glossy patterned foliage and have been termed zebra plants by collectors. Be careful though as the common name zebra plant is shared with other, unrelated species and may lead to confusion!

Special features

Attractive leaves

Attractive foliage plant, dark green leaves, sometimes with prominent white venation.

Attractive flowers

Attractive blooms.

Indoor plant

May be grown indoors with bright, indirect light.


Frost hardiness





Flower colour

Yellow, Red, Orange

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