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A picture of a Stone Plant

Stone Plant

Dinteranthus spp.

00429 - Dinteranthus microspermus puberulus by Tubifex (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full Sun


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A photo of Stone Plant
A photo of Stone Plant

Stone Plant Overview

Small genus containing 5 species of compact, stemless, dwarf perennials with paired, spherical, pale green to chalky white-grey foliage that resemble stones or pebbles, similar to the genus Lithops. They are also known by the common names living stones and pebble plants. Dinteranthus typically grows at a higher level in the soil compared to Lithops, which are subterranean in their growth habit. The leaves may have violet-red or green spotted colourations and epidermal windows. Also known as leaf windows, these are specialised leaves with a translucent part to allow more efficient photosynthesis. Yellow or rarely white, daisy-like flowers with red tips are produced solitarily. These plants may be called mimicry plants as they are notably camouflaged, resembling the background rocks in their habitat and they are hard to identify when not in flower.