A picture of a Carruanthus


Carruanthus spp.

Carruanthus caninus flowers by Ezhappy (CC BY 2.0)


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A photo of Carruanthus
A photo of Carruanthus
A photo of Carruanthus

Carruanthus Overview

Genus with 2 species of tufted, tuberous-rooted perennials with a branching and clump-forming growth habit. Foliage is oppositely arranged and fused at the base, broadly triangular in shape with flattened to concave upper surfaces and unevenly ridged lower surfaces. Leaves are grey to glossy green in colour and measure up to 6cm in length and around 2cm in width. They are also toothed with small spikes along the upper edges. Flowers are produced singly or in branched cymes. In cymes a central stem produces a flower at its growing tip first, followed by flowers from the ends of subsequent lateral shoots. The flowers are photosensitive, opening in response to the late afternoon sun and closing just after the sun sets. These flowers have linear to lance-shaped petals coloured yellow, with orange-red tips.