Crown Of Thorns

Euphorbia milii

Christ Plant, Christ Thorn, Christ's-Plant, Crown-Of-Thorns

profile iconEuphorbia Milii flowers
by Ezra Katz (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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profile iconEuphorbia Milii flowers
by Ezra Katz (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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The Crown of thorns plant is a succulent climbing shrub. It is one of the rare succulents capable of blooming almost year-round. Crown of Thorn's flower dependably when they get enough light. They're easy to grow and drought-tolerant, preferring slightly dry, sandy soil. This succulent stores water in its thick stems just like a cactus, so it can be watered less frequently than other house plants. If its leaves turn yellow and fall off, cut back on the watering. This is a beautiful houseplant that produces bright pink flowers. It likes a dry environment at room temperature. In Thailand there is a legend that the number of flowers that bloom on a crown of thorns predicts the future of the plant-keeper.




Flowering time

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Fruiting time

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter


Generally not harvested



Take 7cm stem cuttings in spring or summer. Dip cut ends in warm water for a few minutes to stop the flow of sap then allow to dry for 24 hours before inserting into barely moist potting mix.

Special features

Pot plant

Plant in a sandy potting mix in a pot large enough to support the plant as it get taller.

Indoor plant

Place in area with high light intensity.

Hedge plant

Effective low hedge to keep to keep intruders out!

Special features


Africa, Madagascar

Natural climate

Temperate to Tropical



Full Sun

Soil moisture


Soil type

Chalk, Loam, Sand

Soil PH preference

Neutral, Acid, Alkaline

Frost hardiness





Flower colour

Pink, Red, Yellow, White




Susceptible to grey mould, keep well ventilated to prevent mould.

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