A picture of a Toddy Palm

Toddy Palm

Caryota urens

Also known as

Fishtail Palm, Jaggery Palm, Kitul-Tree, Sago Palm, Solitary Fishtail Palm, Wine Palm

Caryota urens 0005 by Atamari (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full Sun
Easy care
Moderate watering


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This plant has no fragrance

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A photo of Toddy Palm
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Toddy Palm Overview

This single-stemmed palm, is a large, erect tree that grows up to 12–20 m tall. The grey trunk is covered with widely-spaced leaf-scar rings. The characteristic compound leaves are bright to deep green and are divided into distinctive fishtail-like leaflets and long drooping clusters of small, white flowers. These palms only flower once in their lifetime and die after flowering. Unusually, flowering begins at the top of the trunk and proceeds downwards, sometimes for several years. The fruit matures to a round, red drupe (fruit with an outer fleshy part that surrounds a hard shell with a seed inside) about 1 cm wide and containing a single seed.

Common problems with Toddy Palm

Generally problem free

    Toddy Palm Companion Plants

    Plant with other palms and sub-tropical plants.

    How to harvest Toddy Palm

    Wear gloves to protect hands when handling seeds.

    How to propagate Toddy Palm


    Germination takes 4-6 weeks.

    Other uses of Toddy Palm

    Food, beverage, fibre, timber, ornamental


    Pulp of the fully grown up plant is cut, sun dried, powdered and is edible. It is sweet in taste. This powder is considered cool and nutritious in Coastal districts of Karnataka. In Sri Lanka, the powder is mixed with coconut milk and cooked to make Kithul Thalapa


    Elephants are fed the leaves and pulp of this palm.


    Caryota urens is cultivated as an ornamental tree, and planted in gardens and parks in tropical and sub-tropical climates. It is also used as an interior and houseplant when smaller.