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A picture of a Wild Gardenia

Wild Gardenia

Gardenia thunbergia

Also known as

White Gardenia, Forest Gardenia

Full Sun
Easy care
Frequent watering


USDA zone


Minimum temperature

Expected size









  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has a strong fragrance

More images of Wild Gardenia

Gardenia thunbergia flowers
Gardenia thunbergia fruit
Gardenia thunbergia
100 year old Gardenia thunbergia at Kirstenbosch
A photo of Wild Gardenia

Wild Gardenia Overview

A beautiful flowering small tree or shrub with white heavily perfumed flowers flowering throughout summer followed by decorative fruits. It attracts many insects. The fruit remain on the tree and seeds are dispersed by large browsers in nature like Elephants and buffalo. The roots are used in traditional medicine to treat skin diseases and for fever.

Common problems with Wild Gardenia

Few pests and diseases.

How to harvest Wild Gardenia

Cuttings are best taken in summer during the growing season. Harvest roots as needed.

How to propagate Wild Gardenia


It is difficult to get the seeds from the hard fruit, but use a blunt tool to expose individual seeds. Wash and sow seeds in Spring or Autumn in well-draining sandy mix. Germination time 1-6months.


Take semi-hardwood cuttings and dip in rooting hormone powder.

Special features of Wild Gardenia

Attracts useful insects

Wonderful scent, especcially at evenings, attracts butterflies and moths.

Hedge plant

Make a thick screen that can be closely planted to form a hedge.

Attractive flowers

Pot plant

Other uses of Wild Gardenia

Decorative flowering garden plant. Roots are used to treat skin diseases and for fever.


The roots are used in traditional medicine throughout Africa to treat skin diseases and treat fever.

Other uses


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