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A picture of a Robusta Coffee

Robusta Coffee

Coffea robusta

Photo by Eden Project (All rights reserved)

Full Sun
Advanced care
Moderate watering


This plant has a mild fragrance

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Coffea robusta
Coffea robusta
Coffea robusta
Coffea robusta

Robusta Coffee Overview

With over a hundred species of coffee, Coffea robusta has become the second most popular coffee species on the world’s market. The beans (seeds) of the Coffea robusta (sometimes known as Coffea canephora) plant are used to make coffee. Originating in central and western sub-Saharan Africa, it makes up 40% of the world’s coffee production – second only to Coffea arabica. The robusta coffee plant is resilient, being able to withstand temperatures of 30°C and over in full sun. When grown, it prefers to stay hydrated, requiring a lot of water to be happy and healthy. In the wild, specimens can grow to around ten meters tall. However, in commercial use, plants are pruned to a height which makes harvesting easier. Its white flowers smell sweet and, when pollinated, develop into fruits that are deep red as they ripen. Inside each fruit (“cherry”) are usually two coffee beans (seeds). These are roasted and ground into one of the most popular drinks in the world!

How to propagate Robusta Coffee


Special features of Robusta Coffee

Attractive fruits