A picture of a Hedgehog Fungus

Hedgehog Fungus

Hydnum repandum

Also known as

Hedgehog Mushroom, Sweet Tooth, Wood Hedgehog

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A photo of Hedgehog Fungus
A photo of Hedgehog Fungus
Hydnum repandum semmelstoppelpilz
Hydnum repandum G4 (1)
Hydnum repandum G4

Hedgehog Fungus Overview

Hydnum repandum is a species of fungus in the Hydnaceae family, commonly known as Hedgehog Mushroom. It's found in the UK, across Europe, Asia and western North America and some have been reported in Australia. They usually produce single fruiting bodies and are often found in woodland environments. Termed a basidiomycete fungus, meaning its a filamentous fungus made up of hyphae. This species is interesting in that the fruiting bodies (mushrooms) have spines rather than the typical gill structures, from which spores are produced. These are found on the underside of the mushroom cap, which is dry and yellow to orange-brown in colour. The cap is often irregularly shaped and the inner mushroom tissue is white, bruising to an orange stain if damaged and also developing this colouration with age. The mushrooms are attractively scented and the taste is reported to be spicy and bitter, particularly in older mushrooms.

How to propagate Hedgehog Fungus