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A picture of a Wild Plane

Wild Plane

Ochna spp.

Also known as

Mickey-Mouse Plant

Ochna thomasiana 01 by Prenn (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full Sun
Moderate watering

Expected size





More images of Wild Plane

A photo of Wild Plane
A photo of Wild Plane
A photo of Wild Plane
A photo of Wild Plane

Wild Plane Overview

All species of Ochna have very attractive yellow flowers, with an unusual persistent calyx that enlarges when in fruit, becoming cream-coloured, pink or bright red. The fruits are also colourful with black drupelets sitting on a bright red, open receptacle, surrounded by the sepals of the calyx. Species of Ochna such as O. serrulata; O. pulchra and O. pretoriensis are excellent garden plants that will make your garden look magnificent.

Common problems with Wild Plane

How to propagate Wild Plane


You can propagate by seed in spring.


Semi-ripe cuttings in summer.

Other uses of Wild Plane

Grown for their flowers and fruits.