Pin Stripe Plant

Goeppertia ornata

PinStripe Plant, Striped Prayer Plant, Prayer Plant, Pin-Stripe Calathea

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by ellen.nonnia (All rights reserved)
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A close up of a Goeppertia ornata houseplant
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by ellen.nonnia (All rights reserved)
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Goeppertia ornata is an attractive evergreen perennial in the Marantaceae family. It has an upright and clump-forming habit, on average not exceeding half a metre in height. Originating from Northern South America, this species is also a popular houseplant, grown for its attractive striped foliage. It produces large, oval to egg-shaped, dark green leaves with pairs of pale pink-white striping either side of leaf midribs. Flowers rarely appear in cultivation, they are white if they do and this species generally blooms in the summer. This species was recently reclassified from the genus Calathea to Goeppertia.

Special features

Attractive leaves

Attractive flowers

Special features


Northern South America.



Partial Shade, Partial Sun

Frost hardiness





Flower colour


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