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A picture of a Fairy Washboard

Fairy Washboard

Haworthiopsis limifolia

Haworthia limifolia by Natalie-S (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Full Sun
Moderate care
Light watering


USDA zone


Minimum temperature

Expected size









This plant has no fragrance

More images of Fairy Washboard

A photo of Fairy Washboard
A photo of Fairy Washboard

Fairy Washboard Overview

Fairy Washboard is a charming succulent species with triangular green leaves arranged in a rosette. The leaves are ridged with white and have pointed tips. This is a relatively widespread species, with several known varieties, including arcana, gigantea, glaucophylla, keithii, striata and ubomboensis. Fairy Washboard is fairly simple to grow in the garden or in containers and is a popular houseplant. This species has been recently reclassified and now belongs to a genus called Haworthiopsis, which was previously included within Haworthia. So while you might see it referred to as Haworthia limifolia, the correct name is now Haworthiopsis limifolia.

Common problems with Fairy Washboard

Susceptible to Root Rot and Fungus Gnats if not allowed to dry out between waterings. Provide good drainage at all times.

Fairy Washboard Companion Plants

How to propagate Fairy Washboard


Haworthia can be propagated at repotting time using offsets from the mother plant when it becomes crowded. When taking offsets, use a sharp knife or secateurs and cut as close to the mother stem as possible to including as many roots as possible, then allow the offset to dry briefly before re-potting it (similar to cuttings from other succulents). Pot the offsets in a small pot, using the same soil as the mother plant, put it a warm, bright spot, and make sure to adequately water.

Special features of Fairy Washboard

Drought resistant

The plant need little water to survive and can go for extended periods without water.

Indoor plant

Can be grown indoors, but needs strong light. Bright light, but not direct sunlight. White or yellow leaves usually signify too much sun.

Attractive leaves

Other uses of Fairy Washboard

Can be grown in gardens or in pots for ornamental purposes. They make attractive decorative houseplants.