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A picture of a Silver Brake

Silver Brake

Pteris argyraea

Also known as

Silver Brake Fern

Pteris argyrea by Frank Schulenburg (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

Silver Brake Overview

Pteris argyraea is an attractive perennial fern species in the Pteridaceae family. It originates from tropical and subtropical climates across India and Malaysia. Commonly known by the name Silver Brake, this species produces showy foliage coloured green, with silver-white banding down the centre of each frond and green central venation. This species is hardy to around -15 degrees Celsius. It grows best in consistently moist soil, in full to partial sunlight and can provide brightness to shady spots. Typically growing to a maximum height of around 1m, it can spread up to 5m in width.

Special features of Silver Brake

Attractive leaves

Attractive green foliage with a showy, silver centre.