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A picture of a Little Jewel

Little Jewel

Pachyphytum compactum

Photo by HomegrownbyHan (All rights reserved)

Light watering

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A photo of Little Jewel
A photo of Little Jewel


Pachyphytum compactum is an attractive succulent plant from the Crassulaceae family. Grown for the fleshy, succulent leaves, this plant produces beautiful blue-green, plump leaves with round tips. The leaves have attractive marble-like markings across their surface, hence this plant is commonly known by the name Little Jewel. It is a popular houseplant, but not the most common. Little Jewel can grow in poor soil conditions as long as it's well-drained. Enjoys bright sunlight, place on a sunny windowsill if growing as a houseplant indoors. Protect from freezing and be careful about overwatering as succulents don't need much and are prone to root rot if overwatered.

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