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A picture of a Craterostigma


Craterostigma spp.

Craterostigma plantagineum, blomme, Borakalalo-suid, a by JMK (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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Craterostigma plantagineum, blom, Borakalalo-suid, a
A photo of Craterostigma

Craterostigma Overview

Small genus containing less than 10 perennial herbaceous plants with short rhizomes and roots which contain red, yellow or orange pigments. Typically doesn’t exceed 10cm in height and produced foliage in a basal rosette, these are oval to lance-shaped and possess hairs on the underside and along the edges. Flowers are produced on unbranched stems known as racemes, these are around 8cm tall. The showy flowers are 2-lipped and the bottom lip is divided into 3 lobes, the centre lobe is notably wider than the other 2 and they are attractively coloured purple and white.