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A picture of a Sorbus


Sorbus spp.

Sorbus-alnifolia-flowers by Sten Porse (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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Sorbus aucuparia in Donetsk 4
Weilburg - Tiergarten - Mehlbeere
Sorbus vilmorinii JPG1a
A photo of Sorbus
A photo of Sorbus


The genus Sorbus contains approximately 244 deciduous trees and shrubs which are customarily grown for their flowers, fruits, foliage and in some species nice autumn colour. Species in this genus possess either leaves divided into leaflets or whole leaves and those with divided leaflets tend to grow worse in dry soils. Small flowers are white or sometimes pink, they have 5 petals and are organised in clusters on branched stems, sometimes in a flat-topped corymb arrangement. These lead on to spherical, fleshy yellow, white, orange, brown or most frequently bright red berries.