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A picture of a Namibian Partridge Aloe

Namibian Partridge Aloe

Gonialoe dinteri

Seedling Aloe dinteri - Gonialoe by S Molteno (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Full Sun
Easy care
Light watering


USDA zone


Minimum temperature


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A close up of a Gonialoe dinteri plant
A close up of a Gonialoe dinteri plant

Namibian Partridge Aloe Overview

Gonialoe dinteri is a succulent perennial plant from the Asphodelaceae family. This succulent plant was previously well known by the name Aloe dinteri and is sometimes called Namibian Partridge Aloe. The distinctive white-streaked leaves are triangular in shape, it is more often grown for the foliage. After enough rainfall, an abundance of hanging flowers is visible, these are arranged in branched flower clusters. Flowers are tubular and blue or red-pink in colour. The flowers are pollinated by sunbirds and a variety of flying and crawling insects and therefore this plant is good for attracting beneficial wildlife to the home garden.

Special features of Namibian Partridge Aloe

Attractive leaves

Attracts bees

Attracts birds

Attracts useful insects

Drought resistant

Pot plant