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Feather Palm

Butia spp.

Full Sun
Moderate watering


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Butia capitata palm bearing both ripe and unripe fruit
Butia capitata Madrid
Butia capitata, Tresco
Butia capitata Jelly Palm
A photo of Feather Palm

Feather Palm Overview

Butia is a genus of around 22 palm species from the Arecaceae family, that produce edible fruits. These plants are native to South America and commonly referred to as Feather Palms for their attractive 3m long pinnate foliage. Species range in structure from almost stemless short specimens under 40cm tall, to 12m high small trees. One species is famously a very hardy palm and may survive temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius, it is widely cultivated in subtropical to warm temperate locations.

Common problems with Feather Palm

How to propagate Feather Palm


Seed in spring at not less than 24C.

Special features of Feather Palm

Attractive leaves

Other uses of Feather Palm

Grown for their overall appearance.

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