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A picture of a Phlebodium


Phlebodium spp.

Polypodium aureum Plant 2800px by Ram-Man (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

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Polypodium aureum Leaf 3000px
Polypodium guttatum kz1
Phlebodium aureum
Phlebodium aureum (Polypodiaceae)


Small genus with 5 epiphytic fern species from tropical and subtropical climates in the Americas. They possess scaley rhizomes and produce pinnately divided, evergreen foliage with distinctive yellow-orange, raised spore cases on the underside of the fronds. Easy to grow species, popular in cultivation as an ornamental garden plant and many varieties and cultivars are available. They prefer a moist, shady site but can tolerate sun if given sufficient moisture.

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Attractive leaves