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A picture of a Kalmia


Kalmia spp.

Kalmia latifolia - Mountain Laurel 2 by Fritzflohrreynolds (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full Sun
Light watering

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A photo of Kalmia
Kalmia latifolia Great Smoky
A photo of Kalmia

Kalmia Overview

Kalmia is a genus containing around 11 species of evergreen shrubs in the Ericaceae family. They originate from Eastern North America and Cuba where they are found in regions with acid soil, some species native to boggy areas and others from dry sandy habitats. Several species are cultivated for their attractive Rhododendron-like umbels of bowl-shaped flowers in shades of purple, pink and white. These plants are toxic and should be grown away from grazing livestock.

Special features of Kalmia

Attractive flowers