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A picture of a Rafflesia arnoldi

Rafflesia arnoldi

Rafflesia arnoldi

Rafflesia, Sabah (7247015058) by Rod Waddington (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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A close up of a Rafflesia arnoldi plant
A Rafflesia arnoldi plant

Rafflesia arnoldi Overview

Rafflesia arnoldi is a parasitic species that doesn't produce roots or leaves but it does make the largest flower in the world. It resides in the Rafflesiaceae family an doriginates from southeastern Asia. The genus Tetrastigma contains species this plant parasitises, most of the time it is unobservable, located inside woody stems and roots of the host species, only becoming viewable upon flowering. It is pollinated by carrion-flies and emits an incredible stench.