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A picture of a Cyrtorchis


Cyrtorchis spp.

Cyrtorchis arcuata Orchi 001 by Orchi (CC-BY-SA-3.0)


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Fleurs Cyrtorchis letouzeyi Szlach. & Olsz
Cyrtorchis praetermissa Summerh


Genus with less than 20 species in the orchid family, Orchidaceae. Some are lithophytes, these plants grow without soil on or in rocks and others are epiphytic and able to grow without the need for soil substrate, instead gleaning nutrition from their immediate surroundings. They produce ornate, white, spider-like, scented flowers which develop to a yellow-orange colour with age. These have long, triangular shaped petals which taper into long points and they tend to curve backwards attractively, away from the flower throat, this is termed reflexed. Foliage is simple, oblong to linear in shape, fleshy to succulent and leathery in texture.