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A picture of a Paintbrush


Haemanthus spp.

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Full Sun
Moderate watering

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    • spring
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    A photo of Paintbrush
    A photo of Paintbrush
    A photo of Paintbrush
    A photo of Paintbrush
    Haemanthus pubescens on the West Coast, South Africa (Colin Paterson-Jones)

    Paintbrush Overview

    A genus containing 22 species of deciduous or evergreen perennial bulbs in the Amaryllidaceae family native to several Southern African countries. They have strap-like leaves and dense brush-shaped umbels of small flowers, often with showy bracts, followed by fleshy fruits. Commonly known as blood lily, they are popular container and glasshouse specimens but can be grown in a rockery if in a mild climate with some shelter.

    How to propagate Paintbrush


    By offsets or seed before growth commences in early spring.

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    African Lily

    Agapanthus spp.

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